WAITING FOR APRIL – an ode to a giraffe

April, oh April, what are we to do?
We’ve been watching you
for weeks now
In your charming New York zoo.
Seeing you get fatter
– and fatter, even fatter
And still nothing has happened
X’cept a flutter or two.
Do tell us when
You intend to indulge
‘Cause we are getting weary as our eyes begin to bulge
From staring at a screen and willing things to change
Surely now a simple birth for us you can arrange!
We’re waiting for that little one with legs all bobbly-knee’d
A few hours more is all we’d like so kindly do proceed.
To have your giraffe-baby
All spotty like yourself
And let us place our iPads
Right back upon their shelf.
We long to see your offspring
Go skipping round your pen
Then we can get some shut-eye
And live our lives again.
So come on April, there’s a dear
Your month has come at last
Provide us with a giraffe-let
And quickly – pronto – fast!IMG_7106