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           SMALL TALK

Ooh! Something good is happening!

There’s splitting going on!

I really can’t explain it,

But I know I’ve gone from one…

To two, then four, then eight, oh great!

I love this kind of feeling.

I truly think I’m growing fast

And that fact sends me reeling.

I have a head, two tiny arms,

Two legs, a nose, a mouth.

I love to jump round Mummy’s tum,

And twist and turn about!

I’ve found my thumb! Oh joy! What fun!

I suck it when I sleep

And sometimes when I’m brave enough

I sneak a tiny peep.

My heart beats quick and steady

I can hear my mummy speak,

And when I’m good and ready

I give her a little tweak.

I can’t wait to see my mummy’s face

My dad’s and Nana’s too.

For Aunty, granddads and the greats,

I’ll gurgle and go ‘Boo!’

With uncles, cousins, elder ones,

I’ll bounce upon their knees.

And if I’m very lucky…

They’ll each give me a squeeze!bABY

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