My kid brother has a heart of solid gold
It’s crazy to think he’s now sixty years old
Long gone are the days of cowboys and Indians
Instead there are bills to pay to eager recipients

He’s just retired – at least that’s what he says
But to keep him busy through the dark winter days
He’s still on the look-out for a new exciting quest
And to earn a bit of money for his flights out west

Tiles, fences, garden gear, toys and butchers’ knives
He’s bought a house and furnished it, improving all their lives
Printers and scanners, copiers, office stuff
He’s had a go at anything, excelled at all he does

So now it’s back to generators – he’s bound to make that work
It’s a talent he’s been given – just a little perk
To search for proper outlets he just seems to have the knack
Don’t know how he does it, I’d meet me coming back!

My brother is a grown-up now, but he never will admit it
He’s a businessman, companion, a colleague and a wit
But he’s still a little kid in so very many ways
And everyone confesses that he brightens up their days

Reliable and trustworthy, hilarious and fun
He’s clever (yes clever) and quick to make a pun
A husband, dad and grand-pops, a son and brother dear
He’ll never ever miss a trick to bring everyone good cheer

With waxed jacket, mobile, thick socks and walking boots
He’ll march around the water’s edge to follow his pursuits
Then nestled in his comfy chair he’ll guzzle down his wine
And crunch through a ton of nuts before he goes to dine

Then he’ll FaceTime his family, business partners, friends
In San Francisco, Bromley, Lancs and Yorks and Kent
And tell them all about it, ’bout this and that and ‘t’ other…

I hope this poem tells everyone how much I love my brother!