An Ode to our Illustrious Head



It’ll do no good to weep and wail,

Or lash her with a cat-o-nine-tail,

When Heather, our illustrious Head

Decamps to Burgess Hill instead.


Though woe is us, we can’t complain

Or look at her in sheer disdain.

We’ll just grin and hide the pain,

And get our planning out again.


So say not goodbye, but fond farewell

To Windy Miller, ne’er do well.

The One ahead of all the moves,

Who beats Imelda’s store of shoes.


…And takes up residence in the loos

With toothbrush, toothpaste and shampoos!


The One whose stack of energy

Will get us all through DofE

Directions we have lost are found!

But, no mistake, she’s outward bound.


So now, when all is done and dusted

And all the paperwork is busted.

When Friday chapel is no more…

See what Burgess has in store!