THE FOX AND THE CHICKEN (Inspired by Julia Donaldson)



A fox stood on his kitchen floor.

Too afraid to go out the door.

All dressed in finery was he.

The best-dressed fox you’d ever see.

But thinking of what lay outside,

He felt an urgent need to hide.

Then suddenly, out of the sky,

All in the blink of the fox’s eye,

Something landed, already dancing,

A-leaping, spinning and a-prancing,

And there stood a chicken doing the Waltz,

All alone – with ne’er a fault.

Why don’t you come and dance with me?

We could be home in time for tea.

To the fox this seemed a great idea,

And in a trice he lost his fear.

He took the chicken on his arm,

And they waltzed together right out of the farm,

And into the lane, where they met a frog.

Come dance with us – I’m as stiff as a log!

You don’t want me to dance along!

Well, how about you sing us a song?

The frog piped up a merry tune,

And all three danced by the light of the moon.

And when that night they went to bed,

The song went round and round their head.

And with the dawn they did the tango,

After lunch – the great fandango!

Cha-cha, Quickstep, then the Rumba,

They finished off with a huge La Mumba,

Which they sipped through a squashed-up straw.

They drank and drank till there was no more.

What to do now? thought the frog in despair.

He really enjoyed all this style and flair.

Didn’t want it to end – oh no Sir-ee!

‘Twas better than learning his ABC.

We must show the world our dancing best!

They entered the upcoming dance contest.

Which one to choose? They’re all so good.

They practised and practised by Badger’s Wood,

And begged and begged till they got a slot.

Which did they do? Why the Chicken Fox-trot!

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