Roger was a harvest mouse.

Living in a little house,

Suspended in a field of corn.

When, one bright and sunny morn,

He called his friends to have some fun,

Dodging shadows in the sun.


But suddenly they heard a quake,

The ground below began to shake

The creatures sensed some danger near.

Their whiskers twitched in terrible fear,

A monster, with teeth of steel,

Gobbled the corn with squeak and squeal.


All around the animals dashed

Otherwise they’d sure be mashed.

Our Roger rushed away at speed,

Back to his home amongst the weed.

But at the spot down by the trees,

No golden corn swayed in the breeze.


And with a yelp, poor Roger saw,

His lovely home – it was no more.

So off he went to find a hedge,

And built his bed upon a ledge.

That night he slept all safe and sound,

Knowing his friends were still around.


Tomorrow they’d have lots more fun,

And frolic in the summer sun.