How do you sleep when the night comes round?

Do you sleep diagonal, with one leg on the ground?

Do you wake in the morning with the blankets all awry?

Do you tangle in the bedclothes and stifle a cry?


Then, how do you lie when it’s time for bed?

Do you cross your arms right over your head?

And touch the tip of your chin with your knobbly knees

When the moon outside illuminates the trees?


Do you go to sleep with your arms flung out?

Lying flat on your front with ne’er a shout

Or on your back with your knees in the air?

And snore for England – as if you dare!


Do you lie on your side, sinking into the bed?

With your left hand up to cradle your head?

Or tossing and turning a dream-filled doze?

While the feather pillow tickles your nose?



How will you be when the cold dawn breaks

And the light of the sun through the window snakes?

Trussed up like a chicken in a twisted sheet

With duvet and bedspread wrapped round your feet?